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If you’re feeling slightly hesitant about whether or not to contact me?

Hopefully I can reassure. I’m a really friendly person and easy to talk to. 
I know from personal experience that meeting or speaking to someone new can feel extremely daunting.

I used to be very shy and quite anxious in this particular area too. So I do my best to break down these awkward moments quickly, hopefully helping you to feel at ease in the shortest possible time possible.

The Counselling Experience.

Starting out initially with an informal chat just to get things started, and even then you are always in full control over what you feel like sharing at this early stage on our first meet.

You might then be quite surprised just how easy it is to enter into a counselling relationship and how the benefits always out-way the fear of actually ‘getting started’

Possibly Even enjoying the experience.

You may actually enjoy the experience of finding out more about yourself and recognising just how you function … or how you tick.

It’s an exciting new challenge and an opportunity for you to grow and get to know ‘You’ better than you do now.

So please call – Don’t wait for your problem to get worse, lets get to work on helping you towards getting better and enjoying your life once again.

Please feel free to leave a message if I’m unavailable at the time of your call, message or email. I will aim to get back in touch with you as soon as I’m physically able to do so.

Or … alternatively, if you would prefer to email me,

Please fill in the contact form below …



Warmest regards and thanks for visiting …

Debra Haines Counsellor – Counselling in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

You may also wish to visit my BACP website.

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