Relationship Counselling Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Relationship Counselling and Couples Therapy in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire.


Experienced Private Counsellor and Therapist offering Marriage Counselling or Couples Counselling for Individuals or Couples with Relationship Issues or Problems.

I offer Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy for Couples or Individuals in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, at Affordable Prices. Helping Individuals or Couples to resolve their problems or issues quickly. In a friendly personable, but professional way. In a comfortable, confidential environment. With a respectful, non-judgemental counsellor.

Relationship Counselling Stoke on Trent

First of all; It’s important for you to know that in Relationship Counselling there are a huge variety of issues that crop up for couples or individuals when they’re seeking help with their relationships.

Whether you are Married, Single, Engaged, widowed, or just in a Relationship that’s not working quite as well as it could be at the moment?

How Relationship Counselling Therapy could help you?

I am here to help you in the best way that I know how?

Whether its any of these problems listed below?

Or Something else – Entirely Different?

  • Heartbreak
  • Unfaithfulness or Infidelity.
  • Insecurity within a relationship
  • Jealousy and possessiveness
  • Rejection, or getting over unrequited love
  • Anxiety or Insecurity
  • Heartache or a feeling of abandonment
  • Loneliness within a relationship
  • An abusive relationship
  • A lack of lustre relationship
  • A relationship that is lacking in trust

Counselling and Couples Therapy overview.            

Over recent years I have experienced a variety of the above issues presented to me in the counselling room.

I can say categorically that I can offer you my undivided and focused attention. That coupled with sensitivity, warmth and understanding. Thus helping you through your current difficulties. Whether or not you’re an individual seeking help or a couple.

I can also provide you with some helpful tools and techniques to help with your problems. Most of all these tools are insightful and helpful to individuals and couples alike. These tools or techniques are tried and tested, and they actually do really help.

Furthermore;  If the ways in which you’re approaching your problems at the moment are just, plain and simply …  Not Working?

Then it can be very important to seek professional help, so that you don’t keep on repeating the same old mistakes and your relationship suffers ‘even more’ as a result.

We can begin focusing instead on what might work.

You may disagree with what iv’e said above and feel like you haven’t made any mistakes at all?

It may feel like your partner is 100 per cent to blame for your relationship problems?

This is of course your own perception of the situation?

Do you need clarification of this?

Maybe some help deciding?

I offer relationship counselling and help to Individuals and Couples.

Relationships or Individual Counselling is about looking more closely at your needs.

Most of all developing your self worth or self esteem, which could be at an all time low due to recent or past events?

Ultimately, offering you a new direction if you have reached stale mate?

Also If the direction you’re heading in doesn’t appear to be working at the moment?

Lets look at how we change things for the better.

Counselling can help you to Focus on why your relationship is in trouble and how to get it back on track again?

Relationship Counselling can also give you a much greater awareness and understanding of your difficulties.

Furthermore; you will acquire skills to help you to become more acceptant about things which cannot be changed and more aware of things which can be changed for the better.

I offer Counselling Therapy to help individual clients or couples to resolve their problems in the best, safest way possible in a warm confidential, friendly, professional and safe environment.

My home is designed specifically for you as an individual, or for you and your partner to feel safe and comfortable in.

I can also offer Counselling Therapy to Help you to Overcome the enormous pain of a Breakup or the end of a Relationship due to a Bereavement or Life Changing Illness. 

Kind Regards

Debra Haines Counselling Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

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