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Therapist offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or (CBT)

I’m based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 

More about CBT in Stoke on Trent and how it may help you.

CBT can help you to make greater sense of an overwhelming problem by breaking it down into smaller chunks or segments.

In CBT … we like to break down our problems into five main areas. 

  • Life Situations or Events.
  • Our Thoughts or Cognitions. 
  • Inner Emotions or Feelings.
  • Our Physical feelings, eg, … racing heart, tension, physical pain, paleness, fainting etc ….
  • Our Actions or Behaviour … Or what we do as a result of what we think about or Feel.

The CBT Structure below;

CBT is based on the concept of these five areas all being co-related and each one directly affecting the other one.

CBT in Stoke on Trent
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Model

For Example; Your thoughts about a certain situation can often affect how you Feel, emotionally and physically, as well as how you React in response to how you think. (What you do as a result of what you think about!)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help Stop these negative – circular – cycles or events from affecting you.

There are Constructive and Destructive ways of reacting to a situation, often determined by how we Perceive and think about them.

For example; If you were dismissed from your job because you no longer suited the requirements of your employer, you might think you had failed as a person and that you were no longer capable of being successful in any other job?

This might lead onto;  feeling useless, a failure, no good at anything.

These are obviously very generalised thoughts. and Very black and white type thinking.

There is of course a huge grey area in between?

You may become trapped in this very negative cycle of thoughts and emotions.

Counselling Sessions.

Counselling sessions can help you to see the grey areas more clearly. So that you’re able to move forward towards feeling better about yourself again.

This of course is only a very brief example of what clients bring to Therapy In CBT.

This is also a very simplified example, but it illustrates how the quality of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations and actions can trap us in a negative cycle, making us feel even worse about ourselves.

Aiming at problems in CBT Counselling.

CBT aims to stop these negative cycles by making our problems or issues more manageable.

Cognitive Based Therapy can help you change your negative thought patterns and improve the way you feel.

CBT can help you get to a point where you can achieve this on your own, tackling your own problems without anymore help from me.

I will gently and effectively Teach you to become your own Therapist so that you can effectively deal with all your life events in a more balanced and constructive way.

So that you no longer need me!

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