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CBT Counsellor

CBT Counsellor, Counselling in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 

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How CBT and Mindfulness Counselling can help you to overcome your difficulties.

If you have been struggling to deal with difficult issues that are causing you stress and worry. Or if it feels like you need a place to explore a new way forward, or you may need a new perspective.

Or perhaps you need help in making sense of your thoughts and feelings?

Counselling can help you – by offering a non-judgmental, confidential place for you to explore your issues, in a safe, confidential environment. By talking things through, counselling can release the pressures you may be feeling and may help you to make changes, enabling you to cope and move forward in your life so that you can feel happiness once again.

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness Counselling.

Throughout the process of CBT and Mindfulness counselling.

 You will learn insightful stress busting skills to help you deal with stress and anxiety provoking thoughts and feelings. You will develop new skills, acquiring new tools and techniques and ways of coping with past and present situations.

CBT Counsellor to Client – Take the first step – It really is Easier than you might think.

I know it can feel very daunting, taking that first step towards asking for support, so I offer you the space and a compassionate, professional ear for you to do so.

Let me help you to move forward to a brighter future.

Please contact me and lets begin work now, rather than waiting for your problem to get worse.

Entering into Counselling is easier than you might think.

I’m very friendly and easy to get on with. Don’t suffer with your problem any longer.

Call Text or Email Today.

 Warmest Regards Debbie.

CBT Counsellor in Stoke on Trent.

Debra Haines Counselling Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 




CBT Counsellor